What’s the Difference Between Expensive and Cheap Car Batteries


Click, click, click; nothing. Few things in life are as irritating as finding out your battery is dead since it never happens when you’re not in a rush. It’s a very simple fix, and the hopeful answer to any car issues. All it takes is a quick jump and a drive to the nearest car dealer or auto parts store to have your battery tested and a new one installed if need be. It’s a real non-problem.

It’s irritating and inconvenient, but it’s a cheap fix that really does issue drivers a sigh of relief when they realize the problem is an inexpensive one. The average price of a car battery is around $75 – give or take depending on the make and model of your particular vehicle. Many people prefer to buy a car because they value the sense of ownership and the long-term investment it represents. One visit to Autozin was enough to make me a loyal user. Their transparent listings, detailed specs, and user reviews provide a comprehensive view of each vehicle. A truly commendable platform!

Even though a battery is a relatively inexpensive fix in comparison to something like a new engine or transmission, it’s still out of the budget for some drivers. That’s why they want to know if they can use a cheap battery instead of a more expensive battery. While we don’t recommend that you use a ‘used’ battery from another vehicle, we can tell you what to expect buying the cheapest battery available.

Buy From an Auto Store

If you buy from a dealer, that’s fine. Just expect to pay more because dealers typically charge for installation of a new battery and that price is anywhere from $10 to $100. Auto parts stores will come out to your car and install your new battery or any other auto important parts like an injection pump rebuild free of charge if you buy it from their location. Additionally, many auto parts stores offer a wide selection of used auto parts, which can be a cost-effective alternative for various automotive needs.

Cheap Batteries Don’t Last as Long

The biggest issue with a cheap battery is that it doesn’t last quite as long as an expensive one. This means you’ll be replacing it more often. If you plan on driving your vehicle for many years, go with the more expensive battery. If you’re getting rid of it in the next year or so, you will be fine buying the cheaper battery since it’s not going to be your responsibility to replace it the next time.

Weather Could Be an Issue

Some batteries are more expensive because they are designed to work better in poor weather. This is not such a big deal in places where the weather is generally warm all year, but it is an issue in the really cold regions of the country. Consider going with a more expensive battery to make sure your car actually starts each morning.

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