What Your Mother-In-Law is Really Thinking

mother in law

When you get married you marry your man’s entire family. That includes his mom. I know many women don’t love their mother-in-laws, which I don’t really get because I adore mine. She’s kind, sweet, wonderful, and treats me just as wonderfully as she does my husband. However, I know I’m a lucky woman and that plenty of other mother-in-law’s aren’t so great. Ladies, when you marry her son there are several things she wants to say to you, but won’t. Consider these things before you begin treating her poorly (unless she is vapid and awful and totally deserves it).

It Hurts

She spent decades being his number one woman and now she’s being downgraded to number two. If you have little girls one day, she will be downgraded even further. It’s hard for her, so give her the benefit of the doubt, and a little time to get used to her new role.

She Knows

You don’t have to remind her that he is your husband now. She knows it. What you need to do is remember that he is still her son.

You Must Lack Confidence

When every little thing out of her mouth comes across to you as a critique or as rude she assumes you don’t have any confidence in yourself. A confident woman wouldn’t automatically assume that everything she says is meant to be hurtful, which means it is time for you to work on your confidence.

Be Grateful

If she sends you a birthday card, Christmas gift, or Mother’s Day card every year, pick up the phone and say thank you to her. She didn’t have to send you anything. Think about how you would feel if she did not return the favor.

She Wants the Best For Everyone

She wants you to be happy as a couple, but she wants to be happy to. A little give and take is not that difficult ladies.

She’s Not Stupid

She’s been married. She’s raised kids. She’s bought a home. She’s sold a home. She’s lived her life. Why don’t you ever ask her for advice or let her offer some to you from time to time?

She’s Not Coming Over to Check for Dust

You don’t have to spend days cleaning for her arrival. When she’s coming, she wants to see the kids, her son, and you. She doesn’t care if there is a little dust on the picture frame 6 feet above the entrance to the hallway.


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