What Your Cleaning Lady Won’t Tell You

I always think about my house before the cleaning lady comes over to clean. I wonder if I straightened up enough. I wonder if there is anything anywhere that would make me go, “ew” and I wonder why I even bother to use a cleaning company considering I am an anal retentive neat freak who keeps my house clean at all times regardless. Then I remember that I have two kids and a husband and I work full-time from home. I barely have time to brush my teeth each day, let alone worry about doing things like clean the baseboards and the tops of the ceiling fans. Everything else in cleaned each day, but the big stuff I hire out. I know what I’m thinking, but I think it’s time we know what our housekeepers are thinking.

There’s an eco-friendly option for just about every type of cleaner, and your housekeeper probably wishes you would start buying those instead of buying the harsh stuff that harms the environment.

Your cleaning company may not run a background check. Many cleaning companies hire people strictly based on the fact that they are clean and show up on time. It’s a good idea to perform one of your own before you let anyone in your house.

Your housekeeper is not your best friend. They are cleaning your house when they have a house of their own to clean. They don’t understand why you have anything to complain about when you don’t even have to clean your own house; and you are slowing them down.

Housekeepers say that if you want to know if they are trustworthy or not, leave a few dollars hanging out of a pair of pants or on a counter. If the new person cleaning your home takes those, they probably won’t stop there.



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