What You Don’t Know About Weddings and Proposals

‘Tis the season for marriage proposals, which means it’s also the season to tell women and men who are planning their walk down the aisle what you should really know about getting married. Let’s be honest; you already know that the wedding day is important but the marriage is what matters. You also know that half of your guest list won’t RSVP, you’ll stress, and something is bound to stress you out on your wedding day. However, there are things you may not necessarily know about getting married or engaged, and I’m making it my job to make sure you know.

Communication is Everything

If you don’t communicate now, your marriage won’t work. Nothing dooms a marriage more than poor communication skills. If you’re determined to get married, take my advice and make sure you work on those communication skills, because if you don’t have them, you will be miserable.

It’s Not Always Magic

You might not actually get proposed to at the base of the Eiffel tower, so don’t expect too much. Additionally, your wedding day may not be magical either. Of course, it should feel magical to you, but don’t expect too much. You might have a drunk wedding guest, a family fight between Grandma and Uncle Gary. Things go wrong, but you can’t let them dull your sparkle.

You Might Not Like Your Ring

I loved my engagement ring. Well, I loved most of it. My husband initially chose yellow gold when he proposed to me 9 and a half years ago. I hate yellow gold. I never wear it. But somehow, he decided that would be the perfect ring for me. The diamond was magical, but the band was total disappointment wrapped around my finger. I was quiet about my hatred of the color for years, but finally, I decided to come clean. My husband wasn’t at all disappointed. He said he knew I didn’t like yellow gold, but that the diamond was the most beautiful one he’d ever seen. He said he bought it, fully expecting me to ask him to reset it in a different band of my own choosing after he proposed. He was surprised when I kept telling him how much I loved it; and then wore it for seven years before finally having the diamond removed and placed on a platinum eternity band.


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