What Others Want You to Keep In Mind

Most people are so consumed in their own lives that they don’t pay much attention to others. You may not realize you aren’t paying attention (trust me, we all do it) but you aren’t paying attention nearly as much as you think you are. Remember when your mom told you to stop worrying about one zit when you were growing up, because all the other kids at school were too worried about their own skin problems to even notice yours? Well, she was right, and that extends into other areas of life as well. There are things you may not notice about others, but there are some basic things everyone needs the rest of the world to keep in mind.

Be Hopeful

You will never know how much the manager of your hotel is hurting because she is smiling at you. When you yell at her because your room service order took 22 minutes instead of the 20 minutes suggested to you, you might be further breaking her heart. She might be going through a divorce, have lost a child recently, or just found out her mother is sick. Some people find it hard to have hope, so you should do what you can to provide kindness and hope to everyone.

Work Together

The longest road of all is the one on which you refuse to work as a team. You make everything more complicated when you refuse to compromise and meet others halfway. You are not the only person in the world who doesn’t like working as a team from time to time, but you need to remember that the people working with you might be just as unexcited about it as you are, and your negative attitude does not make it any easier for anyone.

Everyone Has a Story

You are not the only person who has lived a life. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, and they don’t need you judging them for it and making them feel badly about their decisions. Just because you went to college and you now have a great job doesn’t make you any better than the guy cleaning your office every evening; maybe he went to college and has a great job also, but his wife has cancer and he has to work as many jobs as he can to pay for her medication. Just a thought you should keep in mind.


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