What Not to Have at Your Wedding

Weddings: They are beautiful, intimate, lovely affairs. Unless, of course, they are not; not every wedding is amazing. Some are completely mind-boggling. Some brides missed the memo that a few things should never be at any wedding, ever. Here, some previous wedding guests share with you the things they witnessed – really – at weddings they were invited to. For all you bride-to-be’s planning your wedding right now, take a minute to read this and make sure you aren’t giving your guests something to talk about. Your dress, marriage, and the beauty of your special day should be all they want to talk about – not the tacky thing you decided to include on your wedding day.

The Honeymoon Fund

One couple went to a wedding where they actually witnessed the bride place a big jug on the gift table complete with a sign taped to it that reads, “Honeymoon Fund.” Ladies, this is never okay. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Tacky Card Box

Okay, so a card box is a great way for guests to place their cards on your gift table without them getting lost in the shuffle. However, a card box shaped like a piggy bank is just plain tacky. Don’t do it brides. Don’t do it.

The Great Key Return

One guest attended a wedding that was completely lovely, until the best man made his speech. He joked that the bride was now off the market and had about 10 different guys walk up to the table and give her “keys” to her house that they had. The joke was meant in good humor, but turned out offensive and just downright tacky.

Standing Room Only

One couple attended a wedding where the guests were forced to stand because they only paid for enough chairs to seat the bride and groom’s family members at the ceremony.


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