What Men Really Don’t Like About Women

We like to think that as women we know what men like and how to attract them, but it seems that as a whole, we are quite wrong. Not that we’d ever admit that to a man, of course. However, it seems that what so many women think are qualities men adore are actually qualities he could live without. In fact, they might even be qualities he wishes he could live without. Since you probably do want your husband or significant other to find you irresistible, you might want to know exactly what you’re doing that some men are not fond of.

Your Love of Designers

Let’s face it, most of us love our designers (guilty). But the fact is that he doesn’t care if you’re carrying the latest Monogrammed Louis Vuitton or if the soles of your shoes are that gorgeous shade of Louboutin red. He may like your style, but he doesn’t like to see a woman walking around in head to toe designer duds; it tells him you might be a bit on the high maintenance side.

Your Salad

He doesn’t see you as thinner simply because you order a salad with all the fun stuff on the side when you’re out to eat. He likes to see that you eat and that you take care of yourself. He doesn’t like that you grab his fries, nibble on his steak and leave your date nights starving to death. Order what you want.

Your Lack of Sports Knowledge

Okay, so he doesn’t really care if you like his favorite sports team or not, but he does care when you fake it. He might find Erin Andrews attractive, but it’s not a deal breaker if you cannot name every Florida Gator on the offensive line. However, it is annoying when you pretend you know things – or care about things – you don’t.


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