The Four Things that Marriage Counselors Won’t Say

Many people find that marriage counseling works for them. In fact, I could name several couples that I know who have been through marriage counseling and found it beneficial and others who I think need to call a marriage counselor stat; but I won’t. The fact is, for those with marital issues – and those who want to avoid them – marriage counseling is a great idea. Before you sit down to discuss your relationship, however, you should know exactly what it is your marriage counselor isn’t telling you.

They Shouldn’t be Offering Marriage Advice

Unless a therapist is specifically licensed with a Master’s Degree and a passing score on their license tests, they are not actually knowledgeable about marriage advice. However, anyone can meet with couples and offer to counsel them – legally – as a family counselor. Most people don’t know the difference and end up going to counseling from someone without the education to actually help them.

You Won’t Make It

Many therapists and marriage counselors say that they know within minutes of meeting a couple whether or not they will make it through a difficult period in time. Of course, they will not tell you that, which means you will be wasting your time and money seeing a therapist.

Why Are You Married to This Moron?

Most therapists actually prefer one partner to the other, though they cannot tell you that. Some flat do not like one person in the relationship and may wonder why you are even bothering. Others may feel that you should move on and not even bother with the person you are married to, but they can’t say that either. If you have a sense that your therapist likes you better, you might be right.

I Have Issues Too

Many therapists have issues of their own in their marriages, which means they may be projecting their issues onto you by using a style of treatment that is better designed for them and their issues than you and yours. Additionally, they may not always pay attention to everything you’re saying if they’re distracted by their own lives.


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