What His Dating Style Says

According to experts, letting a man pick the location of your first date is always a good idea. Where he takes you says a lot more about the kind of guy he really is than the words he says to you on this date. If you want to know what kind of guy you are seeing, give him free reign when it comes to choosing the perfect date location on your first date. Now read on to find out what his dating style says about the kind of guy he is and maybe save yourself a little time.

The Local Bar

It may appear that he doesn’t have any desire to have a serious girlfriend because he didn’t put much effort into your date, but he did. He’s showing you that he’s a laid-back guy who is looking for a laid-back girl. If you can hang with him at NY local spots on a first date, he might just ask you for a second one.

The Coffee Shop

He’s a confident guy who has a level of maturity that you might be looking for. It takes a lot of maturity to go on a date that doesn’t offer the help of alcoholic beverages to ease first date jitters. He’s showing you that he’s different and that he’s really into getting to know you. Essentially, this guy knows what he wants and he’s anxious to find it.

An Active Activity

This guy plans a baseball date, a walk in the park, or a day of ice skating in the park. He wants to find someone who likes to try new things and is up for having fun, no matter what the activity is. He’s looking to see if you guys have what it takes to be friends before he makes the decision to take it any further.

A Party Thrown By His Friend

He may not be in a place where he wants to settle down if he’s taking you to meet his friends on the first date. However, he is probably fun and he does think that you are at least hot enough or fun enough to accompany him to a party where people he knows will see you together, so it’s not entirely a bad thing. Just be careful that he’s not looking for just a hookup and then a breakup.

A Fabulous Restaurant

This one is tough, because he could really just be the kind of guy who knows how to treat a lady. However, most guys don’t want to waste their hard earned dollars taking a woman they don’t really know to a high-priced restaurant only to find out they don’t want another date. This guy might be taking you here to ensure that you hook up with him.



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