What He Wishes You Would Do

When I complain about my husband, I get the evil eye. Not from him; from everyone in our circle of friends and family. The problem is, my husband is pretty perfect. Really, he’s disgustingly perfect. He’s nice, honest, kind, helpful, funny, smart, and he is fun. From the moment he walks in the door every evening from work, I don’t change another diaper until he leaves the next morning.

From Friday afternoon to Monday morning and all vacations I change no diapers. He cleans the floors. He puts laundry away. He gives the kids their baths. He cooks; he cooks well. However, there are things I’m constantly wishing he’d do, such as choose where we eat for once, or suddenly say, “Let’s go away this weekend.” My pickiness aside, I always fail to remember that he probably wants me to do a little more, too (aside from changing a diaper or two on the weekends). Here are a few things men wish their wives would do for them.


My husband likes to golf, and he spent years asking me to join him. I finally gave in, fell in love, and now I’m obsessed. He loves that I like to participate with him in his favorite hobby, because it gives us a chance to spend more time together, and it gives him the opportunity to teach me something new, and to see a little of his world. Of course, now that I’m a better golfer than he is, he doesn’t love it as much.

Think of Him

My husband never complains when my girls’ night dinner lasts hours longer than the two-ish hours I told him it would take. In fact, he knows it will, no matter how much I say I want to be home at a reasonable hour for once. However, he says he would love it more than anything if I’d bring him some dessert home from my dinner date with the girls. How simple is that? Here I am wishing he’d bring me a little something from Tiffany’s every time he runs to the store and all he wants is a piece of cheesecake?!

Give Him A Real Kiss

Instead of shoving the baby at him and immediately beginning your tirade of how irritating all people who grocery shop at the same time as you are, stop and give him a real, lingering kiss. It makes you both feel closer, and it makes him feel like you really missed him while he was out all day.


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