Wedding Superstitions that Aren’t Worth Worrying About


Wedding season is so much fun for everyone. The bride and groom get to celebrate the beginning their new family together with friends and family, you get to indulge in some good food and drinks, dancing, and a great time. Wedding season is definitely fun, unless the groom accidentally sees the bride before the ceremony. It’s bad luck, right? Truth be told, there are some wedding superstitions so outdated and silly that you can just ignore them as your big day approaches.

The Groom Can’t See the Bride

It’s an old superstition created a long time ago. The reason behind it is that women were afraid the groom might actually change his mind if he saw her prior to the ceremony (interesting…). Today, however, it’s just a superstition. Not all couples abide by this rule, booking their photographer to take shots of them prior to the ceremony as a way of making the photo process faster afterward. Other couples think it’s fun not to see one another before the ceremony. It’s your decision.

No Yellow Roses

Have you ever heard your grandmother balk when someone shows up on their wedding day with yellow roses? Maybe you have and maybe you haven’t. This superstition is an old Victorian one that’s been around for centuries. Apparently in those days, yellow roses meant envy and jealousy – certainly two things that no bride feels on her big day. If you love yellow roses, carry them on your wedding day. No one thinks they mean anything different than being lovely.

The Bride and the Threshold

If you’re worried about evil spirits capturing you or your bride on your wedding night, then by all means carry her over the threshold to protect this from occurring. If you don’t worry about evil spirits capturing you or your wife on your wedding night, don’t worry about this one. After all, wedding dresses aren’t exactly light and it’s not really worth throwing your back out.

(Photo by Shealah Craighead/The White House via Getty Images)


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