Wedding Song Selections You Can’t Beat

One of the biggest questions couples ask when planning their wedding is, “To which song will we have our first dance?” It’s a loaded question and perhaps one of the most thought about decisions you will make when planning your wedding. I know when my husband and I were married almost nine years ago, we spent months wondering which song we would dance to at our wedding. We wanted it to be something memorable, something we’d smile when we heard and something that expressed our feelings. Here are three great examples for you if you’re wondering which song to use at your own wedding.

At Last

Etta James says it best during her classic hit, “At Last.” This lovely song is one that never fails to make you smile. It’s a love song that’s such a classic you’ll find that your guests are quietly singing along to the lyrics. Actually, you will be so lost in the moment you won’t even notice your guests during the time you are wrapped in each other’s arms gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes.

Lost in this Moment

Big and Rich says it best in their upbeat and romantic song, “Lost in This Moment,” a song dedicated to a wedding day. You and your new husband will find this a lovely song to share your first dance. The words are meaningful and special, offering your guests a glimpse into what you really feel for one another.

The Way You Look Tonight

This classic Frank Sinatra tune is one that everyone recognizes. It’s also one that offers romance and elegance to your wedding. You and your husband will find that there is enough romance and sweet melody to enjoy a lovely and memorable first dance to this classic. It’s a great choice for your wedding day.


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