Wedding Issues Your Man Might Be Stressing Over

Planning your wedding? You might have a moment  — or three – of panic here and there. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. As it happens, your husband-to-be is probably having the same kind of moment here and there. As the bride, you might think you’re the only one freaking out about things going wrong, everything being perfect, or how much is left on your to-do list, but your groom is just as worried as you are. Here are the top three things grooms worry about as your wedding day approaches.


He wants you to be happy, but chances are you have a budget to work with. He wants you to have the wedding of your dreams, but it worries him that you might have to sacrifice certain things because he may not be able to afford to give you exactly what you wants. Trust me; he worries about this a lot.


He is terrified to write his own vows. He knows what he wants to say and he knows how he feels, but finding a way to say it that makes you feel happy, impressed and perfect on your wedding day is stressful to most men. Additionally, he might have a little stage fright about saying his vows in front of so many people, letting them into his heart like that.

Dress Code

He knows you’ll tell him what to wear, but every time a coworker or friend asks him what they should wear on your wedding day, he dies a little on the inside. He probably doesn’t know what the difference is between formal and semi-formal, and he’s sweating bullets wondering if he gave bad advice and if you’ll realize that his friends all showed up in jeans because you told them to show up in jeans. Perhaps you could clue him in just a bit?


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