Wedding Advice Brides Really Need


Ask any bride to offer you some advice before your wedding day, and she’s going to have a lot to say. For the most part, brides don’t realize the important stuff until after the wedding is over. Hindsight, as they say, really is 20/20. Looking back it’s easy to see what was important, what wasn’t, and where you wasted time, money and attention. Take it from brides who know; this is the best wedding advice you’ll ever receive.

Take a Moment Alone

In the hectic craziness that is your wedding day, find a second to take off with your new husband to celebrate your new marriage. Grab two champagne flutes and find a quiet place no one will interrupt you and spend a few minutes reveling in the fact that you’re married. It’s a beautiful moment that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Invite Only People You Love

Don’t waste your time inviting people you don’t know. Trust me, you’ll spend the evening greeting people you barely know and definitely don’t care about, and it’s not worth it. You want to spend every second of your wedding day enjoying the moment; not carrying on small talk with people you don’t really know but invited because your mom thought it would be a good idea. You won’t remember the time you spent talking to your mom’s college friends, you’ll remember the time you spent with people you love.

Hire the Best Photographer

Don’t skimp or try to save on this one aspect of your wedding. Spend most of your budget here if you have to. You only get to take your wedding photos once; make sure they’re gorgeous. If you’re unhappy with them after choosing a cheap photographer, you don’t get a second chance to take them all over again.

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