Ways to Handle the Unexpected with Ease

You’ve heard that you should always expect the unexpected, but you might not yet have found yourself in a situation that actually warrants this type of expectation. When the unexpected occurs – and believe me when I say that it’s usually something that’s never happened that you would never expect, hence the term unexpected – how you handle the situation speaks very highly of you and your abilities. Here are three ways to handle the unexpected when it occurs.

Stop and Think

It is so, so, so easy to panic and freak out and begin to feel so much stress and anxiety that you can’t seem to handle the situation. That’s why this is called the unexpected – because you never imagined you’d have to deal with it. Before you allow yourself to freak out or break down, stop and think; how bad is this? Can I fix it? Is this something I can handle? Get your bearings first and see what options you have.

Sleep On It

Sometimes the best thing you can do is sleep on your unexpected problem. Why? Because spur of the moment decisions might not be the best ones you could make. When you take the time to think and sleep on it, you are making it a goal to give yourself the kind of time you need to really handle what’s happening. Sleeping on it gives you a bit of perspective and clarity.

Move On

Whatever you are going to have to face this problem head on or you are going to go in a different direction, the final step in dealing with the unexpected is to simply move on. When you make the decision to do what needs doing, you’re moving on. You might be surprised how much relief you feel when you make this decision to move on.


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