Valentine’s Celebrations for When you are Single

Valentine’s Day is almost here and not everyone is in a relationship. All the hype over the holiday seems overrated to those who haven’t a significant other. Restaurants are offering special menus, florists are advertising left and right and your social media feed is about to become full of photos of love and happiness in the form of flowers, chocolates and diamonds. Valentine’s Day is not a favorite singles holiday, but that certainly doesn’t mean it has to be a bad one.

Girl’s Night

If you’re not in love with someone wonderful, celebrate the ones you do love; your girlfriends. Plan a girls’ night on Valentine’s Day in which you dress up, exchange flowers with one another and eat dinner somewhere fabulous. Valentine’s Day might be a day for love and romance but that doesn’t mean you have to limit the love you celebrate to just the romantic kind. Celebrate your single girlfriends with an awesome night on the town. For once, you won’t have to worry about being picked up by strange men seeing as how they won’t be out.

Spoil You

You love yourself, right? So why not spend Valentine’s Day spoiling yourself rotten. Go to the spa and book a massage, facial and pedicure. Go shopping and splurge on a great new pair of shoes or a dress or a handbag (or all of the above). Take yourself out and do something wonderful for you. It’s going to serve as a reminder that you don’t need someone else to do these things for you; all you need is you.

Spoil a Loved One

If you have a single or widowed grandparent or parent, take them out for a night on the town. Buy them dinner, bring them flowers and just spend some quality time celebrating with someone you love who has lost the love of their life. It’ll make you feel really good on Valentine’s Day.

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