Using Yoga Rules to Calm Down in Every Day Situations

Yoga, for many people, is a form of relaxation. However, it’s more beneficial that just that. Yoga can ease your stress, help make your body look amazing and it can make you stronger. You can also apply a few of the rules you use when practicing yoga to real life situations in which you need to calm down. It’s not easy dealing with a person who simply cannot get the job done, or a child who thinks that permanent markers are for walls. Use a few simple yoga tricks to help you calm down before you freak out on someone who doesn’t (or probably does, really) deserve it.

Channel Confidence

Yoga requires confidence and determination. You have to work hard and prepare yourself and feel confident that you can pull off those difficult poses. When someone is upsetting you and your mood is going from good to bad in a second, channel that confidence and preparation to remain calm. For example, if your lawn service tells you they simply cannot get to your hedges before the holidays next week, tell them confidently that while you love their work and want to recommend them to friends and family, you’ll not be able to do that if they cannot get the work done in a more than generous amount of time.


Your friend left a comment on your Facebook page about how much she loves you but doesn’t love that dress you’re wearing or she commented on a photo you posted of your baby sleeping like an angel implying that this is the only time he or she is well-behaved. Now you’re angry. You want to respond and call her this and that and speak your mind. Don’t. Stand or sit still for three minutes. Press your fingers to your temples and focus on breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth – for three minutes. You’ll be amazed how calm you feel when you’re done.

Massage Your Temples

Your mother-in-law, once again, makes clear her feelings that she’s a far better parent than you by overstepping her boundaries and disciplining your child right in front of you even though you just finished disciplining her for the same reason. Place your hands on your temples, close your eyes and massage them. This is a relaxation technique used in many yoga classes that will leave you calmer by the time you’re finished.

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