Use Your Phone to Improve Your Marriage

It seems just about everyone has a phone that can do just about anything. You can use it as navigation, make reservations, make purchases, make calls, send messages and just about everything on your phone to make your life simple. While there are a million and one apps that will help you make your life as simple and organized as possible, there is a piece of advice you should use for your phone that will really change your life. Your phone can actually improve your marriage. Read on to find out what three pieces of advice you can use with your phone to improve your own marriage.

Answer Your Phone When Your Spouse Calls

Always answer your phone with your spouse calls. Ignoring his calls or sending it to voicemail or waiting until the call is complete to send a text instead of just answering is not okay, and it’s not good for your marriage. Instead, use it as a communication device to hear one another’s voices and to make it clear you find him important.

Put the Phone Down When You’re Together

When you are with your spouse, put your phone down. Put it in another room. Don’t answer it, don’t use it and ignore it. Your phone can save or improve your marriage if you use it like this. By focusing on your spouse instead of your Twitter feed, you will learn to more effectively communicate, to appreciate one another and to spend more quality time together.

One Exception

There is always an exception to the rule. This one is your kids; if you are with your spouse and your kids are not with you, it’s okay to keep the phone where you can easily hear it. In fact, my husband and I always keep our phones on us when we’re out without the kids in case of an emergency. We don’t touch, use or look at the phone unless it’s our kids, however.


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