Turn Your Morning Around Now

Sometimes you just wake up feeling a little less than amazing. You are not sick, you just don’t feel like your typical, beautiful, gorgeous self; it happens to the best of us. Off days are not uncommon, just unwelcome. The problem is that most people think that when the day starts off in the funk, when it’s just not quite right, that it has to stay like that until the following day. This isn’t true. You can do a few little things to turn your morning – and your mood – around in no time at all.

Change Your Routine

Routine is great, because it allows you to know exactly what you need to do, how much time you need to do it, and you feel comfortable with it. However, sometimes your routine feels just a little boring and leaves you wanting a bit of a change. When you feel blah, change your routine. Try doing a little yoga first thing in the morning to get your blood pumping. If that’s not the answer, try treating yourself to a special treat on your way home from dropping your kids off or heading into the office. It’s no big deal to have half your daily calorie intake for breakfast every so often. You’ll feel better.

Do Something Special

Sometimes just changing your appearance for the day can turn everything around. One way to do that is to go for a smoky eye, bright red lips or something else with your makeup. You probably have an everyday makeup routine, but switching it up from time to time will help you feel gorgeous and re-energized.

Laugh a Little

Spend a little time laughing in the morning and you’ll feel better the rest of the day. Watch funny videos online, call your hilarious friend that always makes you giggle or just take the time to notice the hilariousness that is everyday life.


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