10 Ways Taking a Vacation Will Actually Save You More Money


Many people assume that travel means that they are going to spend a lot of money rather than save it, but it’s not the truth. Did you know that taking a vacation can actually save you money? Well, it can’t actually save you money in the way that you want it to save you money; no one is paying you to take a vacation. However, you’re going to find a million little ways to save big on the next vacation you take, but how about finding ways to make your vacation save you money? Does that even make sense to you? If not, let us explain it a little bit better. You can take a vacation and actually save some money in the process. Not just in booking your trip, but in general. The way you vacation can save money on future vacations, save you money now and even make your vacation that much more amazing. Let us tell you how taking a vacation right now will save you more money than you thought you could save while on the road or in the air.

Use Free Hotel Nights

One of the best ways to save more when you travel is not to actually spend money. You can buy your hotel room with free nights you’ve earned in the past and make it possible to save tremendously on your vacation. You’re not just saving on your room; you’re not paying for it. This means you actually win in the savings department. For those seeking additional cost-effective travel options, consider investing in camper trailers for flexibility and potential savings during your journeys.

Use Free Airline Points

If you travel often for work or you travel often at home, you can save more money by taking a vacation when you use your airline points to book your flights. These are expensive, and using miles to book them will save you hundreds of dollars. If you have enough points, you can save thousands on certain flights. It’s a great way to kind of get paid to travel, and we highly recommend it.

Earn Credit Card Cash Back

You can save more money by using one credit card for all your travel purchases. Why? Because if you have a cash back card that has great rewards, you are getting paid to travel and that’s a good thing. You can use the cash you earn from your purchases made while booking and on vacation to pay down the balance of the card or even just save it for the future travel plans you want to make.

You Don’t Lose Vacation Time

Did you realize that not taking your vacation time at work is like giving away free money? There are many companies that offer paid vacation to their employees on a use it or lose it basis. This means not taking your vacation days means you lose them in a calendar year. Since they are paid days, you’re really losing out. Sure, you were paid to work those days, but you could have been paid to go somewhere fabulous and drink something fruity and amazing on the beach while someone else held down the fort for a while.

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Go All-Inclusive and Save on Dining

You can save a lot of money if you choose the all-inclusive route so famous in Caribbean resorts. This is more upfront, but a lot less if you’re big eaters or drinkers, or if you’re big on entertainment while at the resort. It’s always the best, most inexpensive option when it comes to travel and that makes it possible for you to want to spend more time on the road making memories and spending time with the people who matter most to you. It’s far easier to dine guilt-free when you can have as much as you want for one relatively low price.

You’re Not Spending Outrageously

Here’s an interesting way to look at your next vacation; you’re saving to go somewhere fun, so you’re not wasting money on mindless things. You might have a dedicated savings account for this particular vacation, but it’s also helping prevent you from overspending elsewhere so that you can have more money to spend when you are gone.

Rent a House

If you go on vacation and rent a house, you’re saving on vacation and in real life. Aside from travel expenses and the cost of your rental, you’re not spending additional money while there. You’re shopping like you normally would for food to have in the house, you’re cooking as you normally would and you’re using just as much electricity, but it’s not yours and you’re not paying for it – so it’s a wash.

Bundle Your Vacation Package

Another way a vacation can actually save you more money is by booking your travel as a package. My husband and I just bundled our 10th wedding anniversary vacation when booking it for May and we saved $785 on our flight and resort by booking our trip together. It was a sweet deal for a 5-star hotel on a tropical island.

Travel Off-Season

If you’re traveling in the middle of the busiest season of the year (and we can’t tell you when that is because it’s different virtually everywhere you go), expect to pay top dollar for everything. This is not saving you any money. Wait until the tourist season is over, however, and you will be shocked just how much savings is possible in any destination. For example, my husband and I went to Hawaii in September and we paid only $1200 total for our airfare – not each – total. If we’d taken the same flight in June we would have paid more than $2500 total.

Keep Babies on Laps

If you want to travel with the kids on your next vacation, consider the fact that not buying them a ticket will save you a bunch of money. Now, I don’t recommend this for a long flight unless your babies are very, very young (as in 3 months or younger) but babies under two fly free. You can put them in your lap, but be aware that they can be wiggly and climb all over you and make you nuts if you have to do this for hours and hours.

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