Stop Dealing With Travelers Tummy And Enjoy Your Vacation This Summer

Travelers tummy or travelers diarrhea are no fun for  those that suffer from it.  It can ruin your whole vacation.  While your family and friends are out enjoying the sights and sounds, you are stuck in the bathroom.

Travelers tummy happens for several reasons and many of them are preventable.  Sometimes you are nervous about your travel arrangements and have anxiety about the time schedule you are on or what you will find when you reach your destination.  You are eating strange foods that you don’t normally eat and if you are traveling abroad, the water will most certainly cause travelers tummy woes.

If you are traveling abroad, the easiest fix for that flair of travelers tummy is to only drink bottled water.  Also, use caution about where you eat.  If it doesn’t look clean, it probably isn’t.  Be a picky consumer.

If you are in the States, there are still things you can do to help deal with travelers tummy.  You can’t completely control your anxiety about traveling but you can remind yourself that everything will work out and it is nothing to be upset over.  You can try to eat foods that are similar to your regular diet at home.  For example, if you normally eat lots of salads and fresh fruits, it is understandable why three slices of pizza and a funnel cake might send you running in search of the nearest bathroom.  You can indulge and enjoy a treat but do so carefully and know when to say enough to prevent travelers tummy woes.

Probiotics such as the over the counter medication, Culturelle, have been proven to help tremendously with both preventing and treating travelers tummy but you should always check with your physician before trying any new medications.  If the worst happens and travelers tummy still strikes, be sure to keep yourself well hydrated.

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