Travel Tips for the Day Before Departure

Travel is always fun, whether it’s for work or play. Even if it’s for work, travel is fun because you’re still in a new environment with plenty to do each evening and morning. There are places to go, things to do, people to see and restaurants just begging for you to sit down and eat a decadent meal. The only thing that’s not fun about travel – aside from delays and being stuck next to the guy who doesn’t use deodorant on your flight – is getting ready to travel. Here are three tips to help make travel easier for you the day before your departure.

Confirm and Double Check

The day before you leave, confirm your flight times, your rental car and your hotel. Print or download your boarding passes, create a list of your confirmation numbers where it’s easily accessible on your phone or iPad, make sure you have your driver license, your passport and any other paperwork you might need. Check in for your flight, check in to your hotel and confirm everything is in place and ready to go.

Charge, Charge, Charge

Get those electronics charged the day before you leave. Yes, you can charge them in the airport but it’s less hassle to simply charge them at home so you can pack your chargers without feeling the need to search for them on the floor of the airport while showing all the nearby strangers your under garments as you dig through your luggage.

Call Your Financial Institutions

This might not be super necessary if you are traveling domestically, but it is absolutely super necessary when you are traveling internationally. Many financial institutions will immediately place a hold on your accounts if they see you spending money in a different country, and it’s not always easy to have those holds removed. Let them know where you’ll be and how long you’ll be there.


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