Travel Secrets That Will Help at the Airport

Travel is a lot of fun and summer is a busy time of year for travelers. If you are planning a great vacation or a trip to see the family you miss so much of the year, you should know a few secrets that airlines don’t intend to keep on the down low. You can make your trip a lot less stressful by taking these three pieces of advice into consideration before you book and during your trip.

Lines are Optional

Aside from the lines at security checkpoints in the airport – you have no way to help those – the rest of the lines in the airport are completely optional. You can check in for your flight online and avoid standing in the check-in line. You can check your bags in online and drop them off at the line specifically for checked baggage. You can pick your seat and pay a small fee for priority boarding before you get to the airport and avoid waiting in that long line to get on your plane. You can pretty much avoid every line. Though the one in the restroom is not something you can handle on your own.

Saturday’s Aren’t That Busy

If you are looking for a flight that’s going to be stress-free, have fewer passengers on your flight and shorter lines, try traveling on Saturday. Most airlines say this is their least busy day of the week. Additionally, early mornings and evening flights are the busiest during the week, but midday flights are always a little less busy during this travel time.

Use the Frequent Flier Miles

Even if you cannot buy a roundtrip ticket yet, you’re getting a lot of extras just by signing up for frequent flier miles. For example, you can get special treatment, your kids can earn miles on their own accounts that you can use in the future, you might get a discount on baggage fees, you might get priority boarding and you can use those miles for virtually anything from gifts to other methods of travel.


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