Travel First Class on Any Flight With These Tips

Travel is supposed to be fun and enjoyable, but with airport security lines, the price of airline tickets, the fees associated with air travel, and the complete lack of etiquette so many people employ on planes can detract from that enjoyment (seriously, people, how hard is it to wait until it’s your rows’ turn to exit the plane? One row at a time. There’s no need for you to jump up and run out into the aisle in everyone’s way one row before you should. You’re not getting there any faster.) Instead of waiting until you arrive at your final destination to start enjoying yourself, go ahead and use these tips to secure yourself a travel upgrade.

Behave First-Class

Airline insiders state that if you want to get bumped to first class, act like you belong there. Be nice to everyone. A smile and a kind word will get you a long way. Make eye contact with the flight attendants, smile and be genuine. They’re more likely to remember you and pay it forward if an upgrade becomes available during your flight.

Dress the Part

You’re more likely to get bumped into first class if you dress the part. Remember the days of PanAm when all airline passengers dressed up for their flights? Airline attendants are less likely to move you forward if you do not look the part. Those who did pay the big bucks to sit in first class may not be pleased to sit up there with someone wearing pajamas or a pair of pants that advertise your backside as “Juicy.”

Celebrate Out Loud

If you’re celebrating your anniversary or your honeymoon or even if you just found out you’re expecting your first baby, let your airline attendants know. They’re more likely to move you forward if it’s a special occasion.


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