Tips So Simple For Saving On Airfare You Won’t Even Believe Them

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When we went to book 7-round trip flights to Dallas from Tampa to visit my grandmother in October, I was shocked to find that prices were not so bad. They were around $200 per person, and I was ready to book. That’s when a friend suggested that I look into Spirit Airlines. I’d heard of them, but I’d never paid attention to them as they never showed up on any of my flight searches on Expedia or Priceline or Travelocity. This was not the first time I’d realized that sometimes travel sites are not the least expensive. I was about to spend $1,400 on flights when I ended up getting each flight for $34 each way. I paid $68 round trip per person. I paid a grand total of $476 for 9 of us (the twins were lap babies back then) to fly round trip. That my friends, is why you should follow a few simple steps toward finding the cheapest airfare every single time.

Book through the airline

It’s not always the cheapest route, but sometimes it is. I did it through Spirit, and I highly recommend them and their amazing flight crew anytime you need to fly anywhere and their airline makes the trip. They are some of the most fantastic I’ve met in a long while.

Clear your cookies

If you’ve been searching and searching for flights that are less expensive to a specific destination, clear your cookies. The more ‘in demand’ a flight is, the more the price goes up on your computer. When you clear your cookies, it might make the price drop.

Follow your favorite airlines on social media

One of the simplest ways to be alerted to good deals, flight discounts and other airline perks is simply to follow different airlines on social media. They love to post this information to their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts and it’s been known to produce some very significant deals for travelers.

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