Tips to Make Honeymoon Planning Simple

Planning the perfect honeymoon shouldn’t be difficult – after all, you’ve planned several amazing vacations in the past. However, there’s a type of pressure associated with honeymoon planning that can make you feel you have to step up your game and ensure that all is perfect at all costs. Truthfully, there’s no reason to panic. A few extra couples massages, bottles of your favorite bubbly and plenty of time alone will make your honeymoon fantastic. However, these tips can help you improve your odds of making it there without trouble.

Name Changes

Here’s something a number of almost-newlyweds forget when planning their honeymoon. The name change process does not happen overnight (much like Rome was not built in a day, which would be extra fun if you were going to Rome). This means that you will not be Mrs. Anyone until you complete the name change process, which often takes a few weeks. Do NOT book your honeymoon under anything but your maiden name to ensure there are no issues on flights, cruises or anywhere else.


If ever you’re going to splurge on a vacation, make it this one; please. Now is the time to book the suite, upgrade to first class and go all out all the time. In fact, romance should be your number one priority on your honeymoon. Leave your frugal side at home and enjoy yourself on your honeymoon.

Mention You’re Honeymooners Whenever You Can

The truth is that most people love a couple on their honeymoon. You have no idea just what you might be offered if you mention that this is your honeymoon and that you’re newlyweds. Upgraded seats, free drinks, upgraded room reservations; the list is endless. You might even get a cooler rental car at the airport if you mention this. And who doesn’t love the idea of tooling around Hawaii in a Corvette way more than a Prius?

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