Vacation Tips: Packing for an All-Inclusive

When you think of an all-inclusive resort vacation you think of unlimited fruity cocktails, gorgeous beach views and fun in the sun. You probably also think about how easy it’s going to be to pack for a trip this casual. All you need is swimsuits, cover-ups, and a few outfits that are appropriate for dinner in the resort’s restaurants (and sunscreen, of course). What you don’t think about are the other things you need to pack. Of course, once you arrive – you’ll wish you’d thought ahead.

An Extra Suitcase

There’s something to be said about packing an additional suitcase for any vacation, including a tropical all-inclusive. Think about all those tropical treasures you plan on bringing home; those tropical dresses, hats and handmade items you’ll buy. You need something to put them in when you come home, and it’s a lot less expensive to bring an empty suitcase than it is to buy a new one.

Insulated Cups

Of course your vacation resort has cups for your beverages. However, most all-inclusive resorts are notorious for their small cups and the fact that the heat melts and warms up your cocktail pretty quickly (unless you drink them like water – and I’m sure some do). An insulated tervis-type cup with a lid and straw is perfect for keeping your ice fresh and your cocktails cold. Additionally, most bartenders are happy to give you a bigger serving in your own glass.

Ice Cubes

When you are traveling to another country – Mexico in particularly – in which you know not to drink the water, you should consider the fact that their ice is made out of water. To alleviate the problem of a perpetually hot beverage or a stomachache from the bad water, pack your own reusable ice cubes. Stick them in the freezer of your in-room mini bar to cool them off and you’ll be good to go.


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