Three Things to Put In Your Carry-On Luggage


Ever sit on a plane and wonder what everyone else has in their carry-on luggage? I know I do. I wonder if they’re as prepared as I or if they’re not even remotely prepared. I wonder if they thought to bring a toothbrush in case they get sick in flight or if that thought never crosses other people’s minds. I wonder if people think to bring extra clothes in case they land somewhere and their luggage is lost. I wonder if they have carry-on luggage filled with gold and diamonds (well, not really, but it seemed like fun). It doesn’t really matter what other people pack in their carry-on luggage as long as you’re prepared for anything. Here are three things you should always carry with you on any flight.


Yes, you can purchase headphones in flight, but they’re always cheap and uncomfortable. Bring your nice ones with you and you can listen to music, watch television or plug it into your electronics to listen to whatever it is you want to listen to.

Extra Clothes

You really never know if you’re luggage is delayed or lost, so it’s a good idea to bring fresh clothing – all layers of fresh clothing. This will get you through at least one night if you have a late flight and land too late to shop. You can always find new clothes the following day – or hope your luggage magically appears – but you can’t wear the same outfit tomorrow you just wore on a 9-hour flight. Yuck; it’s just not sanitary.


Whether you like to snack, read or listen to music, bring what it is that entertains you. You never know how bored you’ll be, what movie is playing or how annoying the person seated next to you might be. A good book or two will keep you happy for even a long flight.

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