Three Simple Ways to Find Cheap Flights to Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Vegas is like Disney World for adults. Okay, so Disney World is Disney World for adults, but you get what we are trying to say. It’s like the theme park for grown-ups, even though the number of people who take their children on their Vegas vacations is astonishing. Las Vegas has a lot to offer those who want to go for a quick weekend, whether you’re looking for stellar restaurants, nightlife, shopping or gambling. And one of the best things the city has to offer is cheap flights.

Cheap flights to Las Vegas are pretty simple to find, and it’s because it’s a popular city. There is never a shortage of people looking to visit, flights being booked or people looking into a Vegas vacation. And we have a few ways you can find even cheaper flights than your friends, or at least make sure you find the cheapest possible flights to book when planning your next getaway.

Travel Sites

Choose a travel site such as cheaptickets, kayak, Travelocity or one of the many others and check for flights to and from Vegas. Chances are good that you’ll find them pretty cheap on these sites, and you’ll be able to compare prices on different days to see if you can find flights that are even less expensive than the ones you originally found.

Book a Package

Many travel sites, airlines and hotels offer package deals that make flights and vacations less expensive. When you book a flight in combination with a hotel room, you’ll often save a few hundred dollars at least. The price looks more expensive upfront, but it’s actually less expensive to pay upfront than it is to look for a hotel room on your own. The savings are significant, so look into it.

Check Different Days

If you’re not dead set on traveling during the weekend or on a specific day, check to see if other days the same week have less expensive flights to Vegas. Most of the time, they do. This means you can save a bundle flying on Thursday instead of Friday or coming home Tuesday instead of Monday. It’s worth it in the end.

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