Surviving A Road Trip With Children And Still Having Your Sanity

The holidays are swiftly approaching and with them will be a road trip with children for many families.  As families go to see their extended families during the holiday season, we talk about how good it will be to get together, how good the food will be and the perfect gifts to give.  What is not talked about a lot is the road trip with children.

If you have ever taken a road trip with children then you know that it can be overwhelming.  Children generally don’t travel well.  They whine.  They fuss.  They squabble.  All of those things will make you feel like pulling your hair out before you get to your destination.

The trick is you have to be prepared and anticipate every possible issue that will happen during a road trip with children.  Let’s talk about a few tips to help the trip to Grandma’s house a little more fun this time.

Keep the car stocked with snacks and drinks.  We travel with a tote bag of snacks and a small cooler of beverages.  The cooler has a dual purpose as well.  It serves as a table for my children to use for their card games and divides the space up between the kids nicely.

Pack away a few surprises for the ride.  They do not have to be expensive things; I have often bought things from the dollar store to amuse my children.  Depending on the ages of the children, the choices vary but Mad Libs books are good as are puzzles, word searches, coloring books and little toys.

If you can possible take along a dvd player, the road trip with children will get a lot easier.  There is generally an argument every 2 hours when the movie goes off but in between you get the gift of blissful quiet, except for the sounds of Walt Disney, of course.


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