Summer Road Trip Vehicle Safety Checklist

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Summer is quickly approaching and many people are planning summer road trips. While not everyone is a fan of a road trip (me), there are many people who love to pack up the car, get behind the wheel and get out on the open road. There’s a lot to plan before you take a road trip, but nothing is more important than having your vehicle serviced before you leave. After all, you can pick up toothpaste anywhere if you forget to pack yours, but you can’t just pick up a new car and leave yours behind if you’re far from home. Preparing your vehicle beforehand can also make it a lot safer for you and your passengers. However, road accidents can still happen due to several factors that may be out of your control so it’s better to be prepared for such instances. If you get hurt in a vehicular accident involving a commercial truck, be sure to contact truck accident lawyers to help protect your rights.


Before you head out onto the road, you need to make sure your road trip isn’t going to end on a bad note with a flat tire. Have your tires rotated and checked. Replace them if they’re bald and have the pressure checked if they’re not. You want to ensure that all your tires are properly inflated. Too much air or not enough air in a tire could result in a blow out that can ruin your entire trip – not to mention jeopardize your safety.


You might not think checking your windshield wiper fluid level is important, but it is. You need to check all your fluids. This includes everything from your wiper fluid to your oil level to your coolant and everything in between. If this is not something you’re comfortable doing yourself or knowledgeable about, it’s best to take your vehicle to a professional to have your fluid levels inspected and filled to make driving safer.

All Other Aspects

It’s important that you check to make sure the battery life is strong, your key fobs work correctly, your wipers are in good condition and anything else you can think of is in good condition. Check your spare tire just in case you hit something that blows one of your good tires. You may also seek Fleet Windshield Repair services if you notice chips or small cracks on your windshield. If your vehicle has hydraulic parts that need repair, you should contact a company that specializes in hydraulic cylinder repair services. Check to make sure you have all the necessary tools you need in case of an emergency. Being prepared makes a road trip safer and much more enjoyable.

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