Summer Packing Made Simple

Summer is almost here (all right, it’s been here for months for some of us it seems) and that means it is time for pool days, beach days and fabulous vacations where the air is salty and the ocean breeze is relaxing. Let’s not forget a few fruity umbrella drinks, too. Summer is a carefree, fun and relaxing time for most, especially when it comes time to take that much dreamed about vacation. Since the weather is warm it would seem that packing for summer would be much easier. In fact, it should be downright simple. Bathing suits and cover-ups don’t take up much room in luggage, which means that you should have less than you do when you travel during the winter. However, there is always a better way to pack for your summer trip; here are a few tips to cut down your checked luggage fees and to make summer packing simple.

Pack for the Weather

We know that women tend to over pack “just in case” but that kind of packing is not necessary during the summer. If you are traveling to the Caribbean in July it is not necessary to pack pants and sweaters in case the evenings are cool. The evenings won’t be cool. Worst case scenario on summer vacation is that you might want to pack a cardigan for cold restaurants. Summer trips a little further north might mean cooler evenings, but still not cool enough to pack several cold weather outfits, a cardigan or wrap will suffice.

Roll Your Clothes

Rather than folding your clothing, roll it. Not only will it take up less space in your luggage when it is rolled, it will prevent your clothing from acquiring as many wrinkles. You can pack more and iron less. You can’t have a more win/win situation.

Packing Hats

The biggest cause of stress in women when packing for summer vacation is figuring out how to pack all those gorgeous, stylish floppy straw hats without damaging them. The answer is easier than you think. Fill the bowl of the hat with items such as socks, undergarments and bathing suits until you can’t fit another item in it. Place the hat on the bottom of your largest suitcase and pack around and on top of it. Your hat won’t fold, crease or collapse.


Packing toiletries is a pain. You worry that they’ll accidentally leak on everything you own and they take up so much room. Forget packing them; pick them up upon arrival or just use what the hotel has to offer. Hotel rooms have hair dryers, so you only need your curling iron and/or flat-iron. If you have special needs, such as a specific face wash or hair product, pack them in small plastic containers that take up far less space than the containers your beauty items typically come in.


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