Safe Travel Tips No Matter Your Destination

Safe travel is always important, no matter where you go and who you’re with. I’ll admit that with a tropical getaway to the Caribbean planned in June, I’m a little obsessed with healthy travel at the moment and that’s why I decided to research and share the information I found about the three most important items travelers need to include in our luggage, no matter where we go. You’d be surprised what little things can ruin your trip if you don’t have what you need on hand.

Travel First-Aid Kit

So you probably don’t need a tire jack and a warm blanket for this one, but be sure to pack some sunburn relief, headache relief, cold and flu relief and nasal spray in your bag. This can help you fight a travel headache, clear your sinuses after breathing in all that dry airplane air and it can provide you with relief from a burn if you’re neglectful about that sunscreen.


You need to include this no matter where you go and when you go. If you start to suffer from allergies in a foreign country – or even at your parent’s house in the ‘burbs – you’ll be miserable if you have to spend the entire trip sniffling and rubbing your red, watery eyes. Additionally, you might want it in case you accidentally fall into some poison ivy on that camping trip or start to notice a rash appearing on your body.

Stomach Medication

One of the worst things that can happen when you’re traveling is realizing that you’re suffering from an upset stomach. It can ruin the fun and send you back to your room for the day. To alleviate this issue, pack some medication that will help relieve stomach pain and get you back on track. You might want to consider heartburn medicine also – especially if you’re traveling somewhere you’ll be eating a lot of spicy or unfamiliar foods.


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