Preparing Your Home for Your Vacation

Vacation happens; not often enough, but fortunately a few times a year we are given the opportunity to escape reality and have nothing but fun somewhere else. You plan, you book, you research, you pack and you think you have everything ready for your vacation, but there’s something you’re forgetting. It’s not all about all-inclusive hotels and luggage weight limits. You have to remember to prepare your home for vacation.

Stop Your Mail

It’s one of the most commonly forgotten aspects of vacation preparation. People forget all the time to contact the post office and place a hold on their mail for the duration of their vacation. You might not think this sounds like a big deal, but it is. Why? Because if someone happens to notice that your mail is piling up in the mailbox, they’ll know you’re not home. When they know you’re not home, your home is at risk. It’s such an easy vacation preparation step to take you can do it online from the comfort of your own home, pants optional.

Take Out the Trash

Nothing is worse than coming home from a trip and remembering that you cooked chicken the night before you departed and left the package in the trash can – with the air conditioner turned way up in the middle of August. Your house is going to reek. Take out the trash right before you leave the house, make it the thing you do just before you start the car. You’ll be glad you did.

Get UnPlugged

While you can’t unplug your fridge (ew) while you’re away, you can unplug everything else. Not only does it help lower your risk of a house fire, it also helps to lower your utility bill. It’s simple to make sure your televisions and alarm clocks and hair accessories are all unplugged. Just put it on your checklist and get to it before you leave.

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