20 Popular Places for Ghost Hunting

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There are 20 popular sites for ghost hunting that stand a little bit above the others. But there are many sites where ghosts tend to roam.

New Orleans, Louisiana


A state with such a rich history as this is bound to have many ghost stories that will inspire many to get into ghost hunting. Just walking through the average graveyard is enough to make one feel a touch of something supernatural.

Pawley’s Island, South Carolina


Ghost hunting is popular in this location thanks to the large number of ghost stories. Of course, the legend of the Gray Man is also a popular myth that keeps the interest of the average tourist.

Chicago, Illinois


Between the mob history, a disastrous fire, and the emergence of a serial killer, ghost hunting is a common hobby in this area. Remember H.H. Holmes? He likely created a few ghosts of his own.

Pine Barrens, New Jersey


The Jersey Devil is one of the few myths that brings people around. But in terms of ghost hunting, it is stated that the ghost of a Mexican pilot who crashed on his way from NYC tends to wander around these parts.

Savannah, Georgia


This is considered to be one of the top sides in the USA when it comes to ghost hunting. Think of the history and the resulting spiritual energies that were left behind. It’s bound to be kind of creepy, but that’s perfect for those looking to make a supernatural connection.

Long Beach, California


The Queen Mary sailed for roughly three decades before retiring in the 60s. Can you imagine how many stories might have been left within the walls and rooms of this place?

St. Augustine, Florida


Ghost hunting is one of the more well-known pastimes in this part of the world. The maritime museum is one of the prime locations for sightings, as people have reported seeing the images of many ghosts around this place.

Shoshone Ice Caves, Idaho


Caves are uncertain places, and to think that they’re haunted isn’t hard at all. But trying to determine if it’s an animal or human spirit that sends the hairs on the back of your neck to stand up is a little more difficult.

Portland, Oregon


Portland is known for being weird, but it also has a kind of sordid history if you dig deep enough. The Shanghai Tunnels, for instance, are notoriously haunted, and they’re still there.

Estes Park, Colorado


Hotels are uncertain places for a lot of people, and it doesn’t help that this was the basis for The Shining. It’s even stated that there’s a ghost who yells at people to get out in the concert hall.

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


If there’s any place in the world where ghosts would roam, this is certainly one of them. So many souls died violent manner that it’s tough to think they all had the chance to move on.

Los Angeles, California


The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is one of the many locations in LA that is rife with stories. A good ghost hunter will look at this as a treasure trove.

Washington, D.C.


If the streets in this place could tell a story, there’s no telling how many volumes would be filled. Plenty of buildings and historical sites in this city have played host to a variety of ghost stories for generations.

Corpus Christi, Texas


Now that the USS Lexington, which saw action in WWII, is a floating museum, it’s a great spot for a ghost sighting. Visitors from all over have reported strange noises and even sights.

San Francisco, California


SanFran has plenty of its own history, but the Rock, aka Alcatraz Island, is among the most haunted areas around. Thinking of how many people roamed the halls of the former prison makes it easy to think how it could be haunted.

Asheville, North Carolina


The Biltmore Estate, owned by the famed Vanderbilt family, has been host to several ghost stories. One has to wonder how many spirits find this estate a suitable place to wander around.

Salem, Massachussetts


If you’ve heard of the Salem witch trials then you can imagine why this would be a creepy place for a lot of people. While witchcraft is still highly debated, many do claim to have seen several individuals who were accused as witches.

Antietam National Battlefield, Maryland


The fact that over 3,000 people died on this battleground makes it easy to believe that someone is still roaming around. Thinking that a few spirits decided to linger is why ghost hunters would frequent this place.

San Antonio, Texas


Always remember the Alamo, no matter what context one is using. This horrific battle was bound to leave some supernatural residue behind.

Honolulu, Hawaii


A lot of people don’t bother thinking about ghosts when they head to Honolulu, right? But it does sound as though a ghostly female who was jilted by her lover can be seen now and again roaming the grounds of the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport.


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