The People You Don’t Want to Sit Near While Traveling


No matter if you were driving or flying, traveling always has its issues.  You’re either stuck in an overstuffed car/bus, or packed like sardines onto an overbooked flight. Which one’s worse? That’s like asking if we like our hair being pulled less than a tooth being yanked.  Traveling is a pain.  There’s just no other way about it.   And if there’s one part of travel I’d prefer to avoid, it’s the people.  Tough one right????

Regardless of the travel arrangements, we can all agree it completely stinks being stuck next to someone that’s well, unpleasant.  It just puts that much more of a stain on your trip.  Frankly, we hope you can avoid these types of people on your next trip home.

1. The Overly Obese person

Is this mean?  No.  We’re really not trying to be mean.  We’re trying to be honest.  It’s uncomfortable and it’s just not easy to be around especially in a crowded space.   We completely understand people have eating issues and try to respect them but when you’re cramped for 8 hours with someone not taking care of themselves and taking up tons of room it becomes a serious problem.

2. The All-Too-Loving Parents

It’s great to see a family taking a vacation together. With the advances in tech, and the demands of work, it gets lost all too often. But seeing that Hallmark card family at a beach and sitting next to them on a four-hour flight is completely different. If the headache from the littlest one crying doesn’t make you want to jump out of the plane, the never-ending questions about the trip to be will.  And folks, I’m a parent too so yeah, I don’t blame you.

3. The Closer

Typically on your morning flights, this guy’s got the hair greased back, suit prim and proper, and laptop at full strength to always make a deal. God help you for trying to respect his work habits by toning him out with the Black Keys from your iPod – but that’s of course a no-go because it’s too loud and distracting him. Oh, and don’t even try to start a conversation with him, he’s not taking his eyes off that screen this includes the question, ‘Excuse me. I need to use the restroom.” Hold it, bud.

4. The Mega Attractive Person.

In most cases this would be a good thing. But trust us, we’ve had it “ironically” happen too many times to know it’s harder than you think. She’s great to look at while waiting at the Gate, but if you sit next to her, you’re instantly stepping into first date territory.   You find yourself in a nice conversation only to eventually think to yourself “why am I married again?”

5. The Old Folks

We love our Grandma, but that doesn’t mean that we’d want to spend an entire flight sitting next to her – or anyone else old enough to have graduated high school with Bob Barker. It’s in our brains to respect our elders, so naturally we answer every single question they fire our way. That includes work-related, family, and of course, relationship ones. Yes, they’re always at inopportune times. Yes, they can never understand what you’re talking about anyway.


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