Navigating the Airport With Kids

Tis the season for travel, which means you might have a trip to the airport planned at some point. While it’s the first step of a great family vacation, traveling through the airport with children can be quite a bit of work if you aren’t prepared. Additionally, not knowing the ins and outs of airport travel with children can slow down security lines and make everything a little more difficult than it needs to be.

Choose Seats with Care

If you are traveling with children and you choose your own seats, be aware of the fact that you cannot sit in an exit row with children. If you book your seats in exit rows you will have to be moved and it can cause a bit of stress when boarding or checking in that the kiosk. Furthermore, a seat close to the restroom might be a good idea if you have a little one with an even littler bladder.

Strollers Have to Go Through Security

Something I see all the time at the airport are families who don’t know they have to take their kids out of their strollers when they go through security. As the rest of us are taking our kids out, packing toys in the diaper bag and folding up the stroller to shove it (really fun with a double stroller, a young toddler and in infant….glad those days are coming to an end) through the security checkpoint, these families are holding up the line at the last minute because they haven’t prepared for this. Not only does it keep the line moving, it will save you a lot of stress to know that you need to empty that stroller and get your kids out before you get to the head of the line.

Get Luggage Tags for Baby Items

If you are taking your car seat or stroller to the gate and gate checking either, make sure you get a luggage tag from the airline at the gate. You will need this on your items at the gate check and it will save you time and hassle to do it before you board.


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