Learn To Be Street Smart To Be Safer Out In Public

There is no way around it, the world we live in has some dangerous people in it so we need to be street smart.  We can’t change the facts of danger but we can learn to be street smart to keep ourselves and our loved ones safer.

Being street smart starts with being more aware of your surroundings.  Many times when crimes or assaults take place it is partially because the victim was not paying close enough attention.  Train yourself to be more observant.  Notice if there is anyone loitering nearby.  Look behind yourself occasionally.  Does any one seem to be observing you closely?

Take a class in self-defense.  Not only will it make you more prepared to defend yourself but you will feel more confident in your abilities and that helps you to be stronger.

Being prepared for danger is a big part of being street smart.  It sounds terrible to think in such a negative light but the truth is you need to be ready should the situation ever occur.  Carry mace or pepper spray with you.  When you are in a dark or desolate area, tuck your car keys in between each knuckle to use as a weapon should you need to.

Park in well-lit areas whenever possible.  Avoid dark places or places that are isolated off to themselves.  Walk out to your car with friends.  An attack is less likely to happen if you are with someone else.

Always check the backseat of your car before you get in.  Look through the windows as you are walking toward your car to do so.  Another important thing to get in the habit of doing is locking your doors as soon as you get in your car, even before putting your keys in the ignition.

You don’t want to be scared, you want to be aware.  Don’t let fear determine your life but do make choices that are street smart and will keep you safe.



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