Learn to Control Your Road Rage

Road rage

You call it road rage; I call it anger induced by people who shouldn’t be allowed to have a driver’s license. In all seriousness, road rage is a serious issue (not as much an issue as the sheer number of people on the road with no idea how to actually drive a vehicle, but close). It can cause accidents, it can cause stress and it can even cause health issues. While it might not be your fault that the rest of the world has forgotten (never learned how to?) drive like human beings, it’s up to you to learn to control the rage you feel bubbling up inside you when you’re on a three lane highway and three cars are all driving the same speed right next to each other in all three lanes right in front of you (and that speed is nowhere near the speed limit).

Give Yourself Extra Time

It isn’t fair that you have to wake up an additional 15 minutes earlier just so you can leave 15 minutes earlier just so you have enough additional time to get where you need to go without being late. It’s the bad drivers fault. However, it’s going to help you control your road rage. Leaving with additional time to get where you’re going will eliminate some of your anger at the people on the road not in a hurry to get anywhere – ever.

Turn on Soothing Music

Listening to hardcore rap might be your thing, but anger inducing music isn’t always the best idea when you’re driving near those who can’t. Listen to something soothing while driving. For example, a little Frank Sinatra or Beethoven never made anyone angry, did it? The soothing sounds of music like this could make you feel less irritated with people on the road.


It’s important you don’t forget to breathe when other drivers are doing everything but actually driving. Try taking deep breaths, keeping your angry thoughts (and hand gestures) to yourself and imagining yourself on a soothing deserted island where no one drives and your peace of mind is intact.

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