14 Kinds of People Who Should Never Go On A Cruise

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Picture yourself amidst the cool, tropical breeze right in the middle of the ocean – how beautiful, right? Cruises are dreamy, offering a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. However, the reality is that cruising may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here are 14 kinds of people who should never go on a cruise.

Seasickness Sufferers

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If you deal with a car, airplane sickness, or motion sickness in particular, avoid going on a cruise. As the ship moves, it creates a constant rocking motion, causing discomfort to many. Some individuals may suffer from discomfort, nausea, dizziness, or vomiting. Even if you had comfortable boat rides before, avoid cruising; the motion is completely different.

Claustrophobic Individuals

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You may not have seen the cruise cabins before, but they are actually very small. Imagine a large cruise taking hundreds and even thousands of travelers. The cabins are compact, and those confined spaces can trigger anxiety for claustrophobic individuals. Even the public areas on the ship always have crowds gathered.


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Cruises are safe, but if you are a non-swimmer, the water around can trigger your anxiety. Picture yourself in the middle of the ocean with land far behind, and you do not know swimming. If this idea of imagination makes you uncomfortable, cruise rides are not made for you. 

Extreme Adventure Seekers

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Understand this: Cruises are entertaining and have multiple activities, but not many of them offer adventure opportunities. Cruise trips are not necessarily about intense watersports or any thrilling adventure; for that, visit a beachside sports company. The onboard activities on the cruise might not satisfy your thrill.

High-Maintenance Travelers

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If you are a high-maintenance traveler with specific and often demanding preferences, cruise experiences may not satisfy you. Although cruise packages have high-end deals with appealing services, they are not similar to those you get on land. Limited privacy, sharing space with strangers, structured schedule, etc can make you feel less cluttered among others.

Strict Budget Travelers

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While the initial cruise fare may seem reasonable, cruise trips can get expensive. The initial amount you pay usually covers only the basic accommodations and meals on board. The additional amenities like specialty dining, excursions, spa services, and onboard activities generally come at an additional price. These expenses can cut through your budget for travel ideas.

Loves The Destination, Not The Journey

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Going on a cruise is not an ideal plan for you if you do not enjoy the journey. Cruise travel is all about the journey and less about multiple destinations. You might stop at a few locations, but most of your time is spent on the ship. For individuals who love reaching a specific place and exploring around, a cruise is not for them.

Solitude Seekers

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A cruise trip is not suitable for solitude seekers. If you are someone seeking peace and tranquility during your holidays, do not book a cruise. On ships, you will always be covered by multiple passengers, communal dining, and activities going around. Even your moments inside your cabin are not peaceful enough, given the constraint of space in the ships.

Impatient Souls

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Are you an impatient soul? Cruises are all about pre-planned itineraries, limited flexibility, and a lot of adjustments. If you are someone who does not like the idea of a planned, structured holiday cruise, tips might make you feel constrained. The wait times, fixed schedules, and lack of on-the-spot decision-making are what you will have to deal with.

Non-Stop Sightseers

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What do you expect on a cruise trip? If your idea is to cover multiple tourist spots, please stay at home. Cruises do have numerous stops, and people get to move around, but it is quite different from other trips you make. Shore excursions are generally organized and do not allow for flexibility and spontaneity.

Luxury Enthusiasts

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While the cruise industry has evolved to offer luxurious experiences, luxury travelers might have a hard time. Cruise cabins have limited scope for luxury and extravagance. And since it caters to a large number of passengers, it cuts down on exclusivity and personalization. Cruise trips are more about comfortable public experience and less about luxurious personalized attention.


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Landlubbers are those unfamiliar with sea or sailing, the ones who prefer stability on the grounds. If you are one of them, drop the idea of a cruise trip. While many people thoroughly enjoy the cruise experience, your comfort level can shake up. The constant motion and confined spaces, limited outdoor activities, and no escape will make you uncomfortable. 

Strict Dieters

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Cruise has a lot of good food, but if you are on strict dietary restrictions, you may suffer. Buffets, specialty restaurants, and endless desserts can be tempting only until you are not on a specific diet. While some cruise lines are adapting to cater to various dietary needs, it still needs to go a long way.

Wildlife Preservation Advocates

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A cruise trip may create conflicts with your values if you are into wildlife preservation and speak actively about it. Why? Cruises discharge waste into oceans, excursions to wildlife-rich areas disturb natural marine habitat, cause noise pollution inside the ocean, and overfishing are a few of the many reasons. The potential negative environmental impacts of cruises can ruin your time; thus, avoid them.


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