JetBlue Now Offering Year-Round Mint Flights to the Caribbean

Jet Blue

Long flights are just a pain. I know that when my husband and I flew to Hawaii the first time, we deliberately chose a flight with a nice, long layover in LA so that we only had to spend five hours on our flight there and five on our flight from there to Honolulu. We did not want to spend 11 hours aboard a plane (9 with other layovers) so we broke it up at the halfway point. On the way home, we took the red eye and caught wishy-washy sleep for 9 hours all the way home. It was a long trip in that aspect, and it wasn’t amazing. Even in first class, it was less than comfortable when you’re stuck in a seat that doesn’t lie flat. That’s why the concept of JetBlue’s Mint service is so appealing to so many travelers.

JetBlue has quickly become a favorite airline for those wanting simple tickets, easy to use online booking tools and friendly customer service. I know that anytime I have a chance to fly JetBlue, I am happy to do so. With leather seats with more space than any other flight, customer service that is friendlier than most other airlines and flights that have never left me delayed or running behind, I’m always happy to go ahead and book a trip with JetBlue. If you know anything about JetBlue, you know that the introduction of its Mint flights back in 2013 on long haul flights was one of the best moves the carrier offered – and it hasn’t changed since.

Providing passengers with the chance to book seats that lie flat for a more comfortable flight, a more enjoyable trip and a much more likely option for those who want to travel long distances without the lack of comfort that most airlines offer, this is one of those things that most passengers are unable to pass up. Now JetBlue has gone and done it again, offering their Mint service on a shorter flight to highly desirable locations in the Caribbean. That’s right; now JetBlue passengers will enjoy Mint Service to some of the most tropical destinations the airline visits, and it’s going to make a number of passengers very happy.

JetBlue began operating Mint flights to both Aruba and Barbados from Boston and New York recently, and the customer feedback on the new program has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, it’s been so positive that the airline is going to extend their Mint services in the New Year. Once 2016 arrives, JetBlue passengers will be given the opportunity to fly every single New York to Aruba and Barbados flight taking advantage of the Mint services. The fee is around $60 more for the Mint service, which includes a lie-flat seat, alcoholic cocktails and your luggage. There are more options available to Mint passengers, as well, and they are just a few of the additional perks that come along with booking a flight that includes these awesome amenities.

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