Why JetBlue Mint is the Only Way to Fly for Business Travel

Jetblue Mint

Looking for an easier way to fly to your holiday destination? While we all love to travel, most of us do not want to experience the exhaustion associated with it.  Unfortunately, a lot of the fatigue is a part and parcel of travel, but you can definitely stop your jet lag or lessen it if you travel smartly. If you’re bored of economical travel with cramped space and are looking to have a luxury travel for an affordable price, a good option is  JetBlue Mint. Aimed to help you make traveling easier, JetBlue Mint business class service makes travel easy and fun.

What is JetBlue Mint?

JetBlue Mint is an amazing business class product launched by JetBlue in June, 2014 between the New York (JFK) and Los Angeles (LAX). This all new airbus A321 offers the passengers a luxurious transcontinental ride with top class service, stylish fully flat seats, fresh dining options and other amazing facilities at price much lower than its low cost competitors like Southwest, Virgin America, and Spirit etc. JetBlue Mint is a direct blow on the face of the so called ‘Legacy carriers’ like American, United and Delta airlines which offers the same services at a much higher price. For example, a round trip between JFK-LAX will cost only $1198 to $1398 in JetBlue Mint, while the new business class A321T by American Airlines will run you around $2033.

What makes JetBlue mint better than the other services out there?

1.The Luxurious Service on offer

One of the reasons which makes it better than any other way to fly is the luxurious services offered at very low price. It helps one to cut hundreds of dollars. There are several benefits offered both in inside the flight and at the airport. It has a faster and dedicated check-service at the airport allowing customers to stand in ‘Mint’ queue offering expedited check-ins.

2. Faster security checks

The Mint customers go through a faster security check at the airports and also has an option of early boarding in the aircraft. The Mint customers also have the privilege to collect their baggage first than the other passengers at the carousel.

3. A great atmosphere

Inside the aircraft, it is the top class atmosphere and services which makes it better than any other aircrafts. There are different types of seats available which differs according to the price of the ticket, but each type of seat is highly comfortable in its own way.

4. A great choice of seats

The first four Mint seats are suites which have spacious and have separate doors providing privacy to the passengers. All the seats are lie flat seats which are super comfortable and also has a massage feature which allows your muscles to relax. The flat seats can go up to 6’8’’ long making them longest in the domestic market. The firmness of the cushions is adjustable and a passenger is also provided with duvet blanket and a good quality headphones. The passengers, once they are on board, are provided with JetBlue’s signature cocktail which is honey infused limeade along with vodka and mint.

5. Great amenities to keep you entertained

You can work easily when you are on a JetBlue flight. Mint customers also enjoy a complimentary high speed internet connection named Fly-Fi, allowing the customers to surf the internet up in the air. Each seat is embedded with a 15’’ interactive video screen for inflight entertainment with more than over 100 channels. Each seat is also has AC and USB outlets which allows you to charge your electronic gadgets while on board.

6. Great meals on offer

Fresh and delicious meals are served in the flight and one has a variety of options to choose from. The mouth-watering dishes from the New York City restaurant Saxon + Parole, the beer from Brooklyn Brewery, the pastries of Mah-Ze-Dahr bakery and the organic ice cream from Blue Marble are all a part of the Mint’s menu. One can also order special meals like low calorie meals, kosher meals, Gluten free etc. by calling the JetBlue helpline number 48 hours before departure. All the Mint passengers receive a complimentary Birch box, having samples of grooming products like lotion, lip balm, moisturizers, deodorants etc. for both men and women.


Do other airlines offer something like this?

Till date no other airline is able to match services provided by JetBlue Mint. JetBlue Mint is luxurious as well as economical. On the other hand, other airlines like American, Delta etc. providing such luxurious services charge a very high price whereas economical airlines like Southwest, Virgin America are not able to live up to the standards of the services which Mint offers.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of travelling in JetBlue Mint are simply amazing. It has brought a competition in the airline industry and is a boon for middle class people allowing them to enjoy the services of a business flight. The benefits are offered to the people both in the flights and at the airport. Right from flat comfortable seats to delicious meals offered, this airplane is an ideal means of travel for anyone. Perks like massage feature on the seats and high speed internet connectivity is like ‘Cherry on the top’. The benefits provided by the airplane is far better than any other flights.

Why would you never want to fly any other JetBlue flight other than this one for business travel?

JetBlue flights try to make every part of the journey as pleasant as possible and as the company tagline says, is dedicated to ‘Bringing humanity back to air travel’. You can go to you next holiday destination without a worry. d. But after the introduction of JetBlue Mint, the company has not only challenged other airline competitors, but also itself. The services offered at such a low cost by JetBlue Mint has raised the expectations of the customers, making JetBlue Mint, the first choice of the customers. You don’t have to sit in cramped spaces waiting for the flight to complete. You can instead enjoy your time in the flight and have a journey you will remember.


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