Hyatt Makes Important Changes to Diamond Suite Upgrades

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Sadly, this is not a good change. As a Hyatt Gold Passport member myself, I can say with assuredness that the hotel’s Diamond Suite Upgrade policy was a good one – a really good one. The basis is this; you pay for a regular room at any Hyatt hotel and then confirm a suite upgrade when you book. When you book. You don’t have to wait to see if there is a suite available when you check-in; you get it when you book your room. Even better, it’s guaranteed for a week; seven full nights in a suite when you are a Diamond status member. Could it get any better? Yes, because you can do this up to four times every year.

However, it seems that Hyatt has caught on to the fact that they offer too good of a travel deal to their Diamond members, so they’ve changed it. However, it’s not the worst change. It’s not good for people who have made it a habit to do this, but it’s not bad for those who don’t. In the past, you could take your suite upgrade certificate and apply it to a suite at any time of the year, even if it was scheduled to expire before the actual stay you booked. Meaning, if you have a certificate that expires the last day of January but you wanted to use it in the middle of February, so long as there is a suite available, it was given to you.

The Hyatt Hotel group has decided to do away with this policy. From now on, you can have to use the certificate before it expires or you are out of luck. You must now book and use the certificate before its expiration date, which might put a damper on a few traveler’s plans.

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