How to Vacation On A Budget

Vacation.  The very word conjures up images of lazy days by the pool, relaxation, meals at savory restaurants… and dollar signs.  It’s true.  To travel is to spend.  Vacations are a wonderful thing; the price that comes with them is not.

You can’t vacation at no cost, but you can vacation at low-cost.  Let’s talk about how.  The first step is plan, plan, plan.  Decide on your vacation destination in advance so you have the opportunity to save for it.

Our family has a couple of ways we save for vacations.  One is our loose change jar.  You would be surprised the amount of money that can add up when everyone drops their loose change in it throughout the year.  The second way we save for vacation is our vacation club.  A vacation club is just like a Christmas club, but saved for the sole purchase of helping you finance a summer getaway.

Some other tips to consider.  Think about going on your vacation in May or early June.  Most hotels raise their rates by July.  You could save up to half the price with this simple step.  Another way to cut your hotel bill is look for coupons online.  Compare rates of hotels online before you make your reservation.

We also search out restaurants we want to eat at and check their prices ahead of times.  Look for free activities to take advantage of.  Pack juice bottles and breakfast staples to take along with you; it will save you one less meal out each day.

Here is one last tip to use.  Save something recyclable throughout the year and then take the collected item to the collection center.  Use the money you get in return for your children’s spending money on the trip.  It is one last thing you have to finance.

Happy Vacationing!


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