Honeymoon Advice From Real Couples

Wedding season is fast approaching and everyone is full of wedding day tips and advice for brides and grooms. While that’s all fine and dandy, let’s face it; it’s just one day and it’s known to be a stressful – albeit it immensely enjoyable, wonderful, memorable day. What we want to focus on right now is the honeymoon. It’s the best part of the wedding process, and it’s so often ignored. Your honeymoon is the starting point of your marriage and your life together. You want that quality time to be amazing, fabulous and completely wonderful and with tips from past-honeymooners, you can do just that.

Tell Everyone It’s Your Honeymoon

There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy every perk of being a married couple there is on your honeymoon, but you won’t get that chance if you don’t make sure everyone knows you are on your honeymoon. From room upgrades to free cocktails to complimentary desserts, you can make your honeymoon that much sweeter simply by telling everyone you encounter that you are the proud new family on the block.

Pick Together

Here’s the deal; if you spend two weeks in Hawaii because you wanted to, despite the fact that your new husband wanted to spend time in the mountains, skiing and cuddling by the fire, you won’t both love your honeymoon. If you can, choose somewhere you both want to go. If you can’t, split your honeymoon in two and spend a week where you want and a week where he wants.

Go Somewhere New

Don’t pick a place you love and have been, or one he loves and has been. You want to spend your honeymoon exploring a new land together. You don’t want to go there wondering who he was with the last time he was there. It’s not important, but it might ruin the experience of your honeymoon.


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