Hilton Hotels to Launch Tru Hotel Brand in 2016

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Hilton Hotels is always looking for new ways to increase their travel and their customer base, and to get new people through the door. Once known as one of the finest hotel brands in the world, many people no longer view Hilton hotels as upscale and high-end, and many prefer the higher-end hotels of the world to Hilton. However, there are also travelers who are part of the millennial brand who want to stay in nice hotels but don’t want to pay the price. This is why Hilton has announced that the company is launching a new brand later this year, and it is catered specifically toward millennials who don’t want to pay a fortune.

Tru Hotels will be the brand’s 13th type of hotel. The first of these hotels will begin opening later this year, with approximately 102 properties in major cities throughout the country. What people can expect from the Tru hotel brand is a different kind of experience. Many will come with game rooms for younger families, rooms will be a bit smaller, but all will come with complimentary WiFi and there are going to be fewer upgrades and amenities in favor of more sensible additions.

Tru Hotels will cost around $90 to $100 per night at a flat rate. It will not be anything that gets more expensive as it is located in a nicer city. Functional and precisely what is needed for millennials looking for a place to stay for work or play, these are affordable hotels that will appeal to masses and make this hotel brand a lot of money in the long run. This is a move that puts Hilton back on the map with other brands that have already begun offering hotels like this, and it will help to put the brand back in the forefront of everyone’s mind.

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