5 Places Germs Commonly Lurk In Hotel Rooms

Most of us find ourselves in a hotel room from time to time, whether it is for business or pleasure.  But do you know that there are places where germs commonly lurk in hotel rooms?  There are.  And once we know where they are then we can take steps to sanitize those spots and keep ourselves healthy.

Germs commonly lurk on remote controls in hotel rooms.  These are items that are easily forgotten when the cleaning crew comes through.  Like most of these items, the remote is a commonly touched surface in a hotel room.

Door knobs are perhaps the most germy spot in a hotel room.  You touch them coming and going.  When you are coming back into your hotel room, you have more than likely been in many public places and have many germs on your hands.

Light Switches are another common area for germs to lurk because they are so easy for the cleaning staff to overlook when they are cleaning the room.

Sink and shower handles can harbor germs.  The bathroom’s moist, warm environment makes it an easy place for germs to grow and thrive.

Phone books and informational pamphlets about the hotel are rarely ever cleaned.  Unless a visible spill is on them, they aren’t something that many would remember to clean.

But there are things that you can do when you stay in a hotel room to make yourself feel a little safer from the lurking germs.  Pack a travel size container of antibacterial wipes such as Clorox Wipes and wipe down these surfaces before you use them.  If you don’t have antibacterial wipes on you, hand sanitizer on a paper towel makes a good replacement.

Taking steps to make sure that you sanitize your hotel room will help you prevent catching something.  ABC News has a very informative article on this subject.

Image Credit: Grow Stronger Blog


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