Four Summer Packing Essentials for Every Woman

Summer travel is something most women look forward to all year. The concept of taking a beach vacation, heading to the lake, or visiting a new city makes women feel excited, and it gives them something to look forward to. However, summer packing is enough to make women feel ample stress, because finding the perfect items to pack is never easy. Here are a few summer staples that every woman should pack in her carry-on this summer.

Bright Tops

Every woman needs to pack a bright top when traveling this summer. Basic black and white gets boring after a while, but a brightly colored top can make you feel more alive, more fun, and more excited about going out in a new city or town.


How can you travel this summer without sunglasses? You can’t. It doesn’t matter if the sun is bright on the beach or in the city, or even on a lake in the mountains. There is never a time you don’t need sunglasses. Pack a pair in a bright shade or fun shape to make it a little more exciting.

Not-Fitted Dress

A dress that isn’t too fitted is one that you need for your trip. On days when you feel a little bloated because you have too much fun with the margaritas the night before a loose dress will have you feeling and looking stylish and pretty, without making you feel uncomfortable.

Beach Tote

A cute, colorful beach tote you can carry as a handbag when you’re out shopping and sightseeing is a great item to pack. Not only will you be able to save space in your luggage, you will have more room to carry all your other fun items.


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