Four Hotels You Should Never Stay At

Most everyone has stayed in a hotel at least once in their lives. Since we are frequent travelers, we stay in a lot of them, and I am not ashamed to say that I am extremely picky when it comes to hotels. The general rule of thumb in my house is that if we have to park our own cars, we aren’t staying there. This is a general rule because the availability of valet means there is no outside access to rooms, there is room service, and there is a good bar with good wine and good food on the premises. Not everyone thinks like my husband and I, however, and all they want in a hotel room is a clean bed and hot water. Unfortunately, even that is hard to come by in some places. Here is a list of hotels you should avoid like the plague – unless you want to catch it – from MSN.

Baymont Inn and Suites

According to research provided by MSN, this is one of the top 10 worst hotel chains around. People complain of roaches, mildew, and other gross things that will make your skin crawl. J.D. Powers did a survey in which this chain received below average scores in everything but front desk check-in experiences.

Quality Inn

This brand of hotels fell well below the J.D. Powers mark in five of seven categories, with many consumers complaining of mildew, bad smells, and a lack of overall cleanliness.

Super 8

According to MSN, this brand is ranked one of the dirtiest in Colorado. People who stayed at these hotels complained of an acrid smoke smell and pillows that smelled like the people who slept their before them; people with greasy hair.

Days Inn

This big brand hotel chain received poor scores in the cleanliness, service, and comfort levels. Many people complained of stained carpets and walls.


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