Flying: Three Secrets You Need to Know

Sometimes knowing a few little travel secrets can make things a lot easier when it comes to flying. Flying is great and for those who do it often, it can be easy, seamless and stress free. However, even those of us who rack up the frequent flyer miles could use a little advice straight from the mouths of flight attendants that will make our trips a lot more comfortable and a lot more enjoyable.

Seating Matters

There’s less turbulence in the front of the plane. This is good to know if you are a bit nervous while flying or if you tend to get a little sick from all the motion. Additionally, sound carries forward in a plane. If you want the quietest ride, you’ll want to sit as close to the back as possible. And pack a blanket or sweater, because it does get cold – especially in the exit rows.

Being Nice Has Benefits

The nicer you are to your flight crew, the nicer they are to you. If you are polite, kind and do what you are asked or told without arguing or dragging your feet about it, you’re more likely to get an upgrade, a better seat or even a few free snacks or beverages – which are downright expensive anymore. Being nice is always the best option when it comes to travel as well as everyday life.

Let Them Know it’s a Special Occasion

If you are celebrating your honeymoon or your anniversary or whatever, just let the flight crew know. They love a good, happy party and they might even give you a special shout-out from the captain. They might even give you more personalized service or be more willing to let you all stand in the aisle for photos. Who doesn’t love a fun, festive party; even if it is midair?


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